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Book a guided tour of Paris and its most iconic locations online. Follow amazing local guides and learn something new about the City of Light.


We curated only the best tour experiences available in Paris. Choose the one that suits you the best!


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Have an experience of a lifetime in Paris by booking your perfect guided tour online!

Why Should You Book a Tour in Paris?

Going on a guided tour is one of the best ways to explore the new destination you’re visiting. Paris is a huge city that offers many exciting activities and experiences to its visitors, and knowing what to see and visit first can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gathered the best tours available in Paris.

You should book a tour of Paris because that’s a perfect way to get to know the city and its most popular parts. A professional tour guide will give you all the insight into the city and its most famous attractions, as well as hidden gems and favorite spots of the locals.

We’re here to help you find your perfect Paris Tour!

We know how challenging it can be trying to find just the right tour online. There are numerous options available for you to choose from when it comes to Paris tours. That’s why we’ve carefully looked at and hand-picked only the best tours of Paris and its attractions.

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Experience Paris to the Fullest by going on a guided tour of its top attractions!

Explore the most iconic Paris sites like the Notre Dame cathedral, Saint Chapelle, Arc de Triumph, and many more. Book your Paris tour online and gain priority access to top attractions. All of the groups of our selected tours are intentionally small, which makes the experience even more enjoyable. Allowing you to talk to your guide and ask them about anything you want to know.

Recommended Paris Tours

We have selected the best tours of Paris and its iconic attractions, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the best deal. Visit all the highlights of the City of Light accompanied by a fantastic tour guide. Book a guided walking tour, a private tour, or even a boat tour and learn some interesting and new things about Paris.

All of the tours on our list have a live tour guide who will give you an incredible insight into the life of the locals and the history of France’s capital.

Paris Tours – Prices & Overview

Compare prices and learn about the best Paris tours available online.

Hand-Picked Tours in Paris

Don’t stress out about trying to find the perfect Paris experience. We’ve made a curated list of the best tours available in Paris. Read all about each hand-picked tour and book the one that suits you the best!

If you want to visit and tour the most famous and iconic attractions in Paris

See incredible works of art located inside the Musee d’Orsay and Louvre Museum. Marvel at incredible paintings such as Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.

See all the iconic sites of Paris in the best & quickest way!

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The best way to truly explore the beauty and history of Paris is by going on a guided tour of the city!

Book a tour and uncover the beauties of the City of Light! See incredible works of art located in the Louvre Museum and marvel at Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Explore the Latin Quarter and visit the Jardin des Planets botanical gardens.


Choose among the best Paris Tours available online!

Discover Parisian history and explore all the iconic city landmarks by going on the best-value Paris Tours. Learn all the interesting facts about each monument accompanied by an expert local guide. Every Paris tour includes skip-the-line access, which means that you won’t have to wait for hours in a long line to enter the site that you want to explore.

Unique Paris Tours that will make your visit memorable!

Want to experience more of France? Go on a Day Trip from Paris!

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FAQ – Paris Tours

What are the best tours in Paris?

We have gathered the best tours in Paris that allow you to truly explore the city and enjoy all of its beauties. From learning more about the gastronomy scene in Paris to marveling at the city’s architecture from the Seine River. Here are the best tours in Paris:

How much is a Paris tour?

The price of Paris tours depends on what type of tour you want to book. There are cheaper walking and sightseeing tours that can start at around €40. You can also book a tour that has added value. Those tours are a bit more expensive and can cost from €50 and up. You can also book a private tour or a food tour that costs around €100 per person.

What is the best way to explore Paris?

If it’s your first time in Paris, we highly recommend going on a Hop-on, Hop-off Paris Bus Tour. Going on this sightseeing tour will give you a great chance to learn your way around Paris, and you’ll also be able to explore all of the attractions at your own pace.

What are the best places for tours in Paris?

Although every tourist visits them, we recommend doing a tour of Versailles Palace and the Louvre Museum. They are that popular for a reason! You will be able to explore the former home of Queen Marie Antoinette and discover where the famous Mona Lisa is housed. Other than that, our top recommendation for a unique experience in the City of Lights would be a Paris Food Tour. This food tour will introduce you to the Parisian gastronomic scene. Plus, you’ll taste delicious food and fine French wines while exploring the charming streets of Paris.

Plan your visit to Paris in advance!

Come prepared when you visit Paris. Read ahead everything you need to know before your Paris adventure starts. We have prepared the ultimate visiting guide for Paris that contains all the information, tips, and advice that are useful to know before visiting Paris.

Explore Paris at your own pace! Buy the best tickets for Paris attractions online!

Take a look at our amazing selection of tickets for Paris attractions. Visit the Iconic Eiffel Tower and Musée d’Orsay, along with other famous sites and landmarks.  Audio guides are included in all of our selected tickets. So, you can explore the attractions at your own pace.